The Food Premises Audit

A professional outsource service incorporating Food Safety plus Health & Safety, & Fire Check Audits by highly qualified Food Hygiene and HS Consultants. Audit Schedules encompasses all essential points to ensure your business meets the strict requirements of Food Hygiene Legislation, and the increasingly important Health & Safety Regulations, and Fire Checks.

Equipline's Food Premises Audit

Audit service satisfies several purposes, it provides an objective view of the effectiveness of your staff in conforming to company policies.

In most instances Audits actually improve staff performances, plus it gives the Company that all important proof that the Directors have acted to protect both customers and staff with all Due Diligence.

Food Safety Audit

An Initial Consultation with our customers establishes particular requirements reflecting the reality of their business.

This involves a ‘walk through’ of a typical establishment in the company of a Director or Senior Manager. This forms the basis for us to set goals, and determines the frequency of visits.

This initial free Site Survey permits us to establish initial Fee base.

You might not have all the following facilities and the appropriate areas would be selected to be included in the Audits:

o Kitchens

o Restaurants

o Bar Areas

o Staff facilities

o Loading Bays

o Cellars

o Refuse areas

Health & Safety & Fire Check Audit

Audit tours would cover all applicable areas and documentation inspections including Fire Alarm test records, Emergency Lighting testing, Fire-drills and/or records etc.


Documentation templates are provided for completion to ensure your staff has them available for inspection when EHO?s visit.

For example, Documentation could include records covering: Staff Training; Food Temperatures; Refrigeration Monitoring; inspection of Pest Control records; HACCP; and Risk Assessments (assistance can be provided in completing these if required).

Action & Follow Up

Detailed scored Audit Report for discussion with Directors/Senior Management; photographs of areas requiring improvements; Action Plan drawn up to remedy areas highlighted for improvement; follow-up inspection to ensure outstanding issues have been resolved.

How THE FOOD PREMISES AUDIT SERVICE? has come into being

THE FOOD PREMISES AUDIT SERVICE? is a recently developed division of Equip Line Ltd, which itself was formed 15 years ago to act as exclusive Distributor for a number of world renowned foodservice equipment manufacturers.

At Equip Line our moto is ?for equipment your business depends on, you can depend on Equip Line? and the high level of service provided by our team every day over many years has won the trust of many house hold name operators.

Because of the nature of our low temperature Cook & Hold equipment, and our high temperature Automatic Burger Broiling equipment, it was a fundamental requirement that our team fully understand the effects on temperatures with these types of heat sources.

In striving to deliver this, Equip Line became a certified member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CEIH). Over the years this led to extensive training courses being undertaken by our Development & Training Manager.

As a result we have an accredited Group Trainer who first obtained Basic Food Hygiene, Intermediate Food Hygiene, and Advanced Food Hygiene Certificate: these, together with Health & Safety in the Workplace Certificate.

A year out in the field auditing many different sizes and types of food premises from Coffee Shops to restaurants and take-aways, provides a solid grounding and the expertise required to offer THE FOOD PREMISES AUDIT SERVICE? to our customers.

For an outline discussion please contact Ms Dena Elderfield, on 01895 272236.

Length of Audit & Fees

Lengths of Audits depend on complexity of each premises: the time required to complete each site would be established following discussions with Directors/Senior Managers together with information gained during Site Surveys thus enabling Final Fees to be signed off.

Equipline's Food Premises Audit

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