Let There Be Beer now on Channel 4 with Tim Lovejoy

Let There Be Beer now on Channel 4 with Tim Lovejoy

A partnership between Beer industry movement, Let There Be Beer and Channel 4, has been set up, with the help of Mindshare UK, to launch a series of six food and beer matching segments that will air on Channel 4’s foodie weekend show, Sunday Brunch, starting from 11 August (see link below).

Tim Lovejoy hosts

The partnership between Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’ and Let There Be Beer, will see television presenter Tim Lovejoy host six mini-episodes – each three minutes long – during the ‘Sunday Brunch’ ad breaks. Mindshare has worked closely with Princess Productions – the producers of ‘Sunday Brunch’ to create the mini-series.

Tim Lovejoy has taken his passion for beer and scoured the country working with chefs, restaurateurs and beer aficionados to match different cuisines with an eclectic range of beers.

Let There Be Beer now on Channel 4 with Tim Lovejoy

Taste sensations

Not content with sticking to the traditional and much loved pairing of lager with a curry, Tim has explored other exciting matches like smoky BBQ paired with flavoured lagers, pilsners matched with a host of seasonal cheeses, and the perfect food pairings for ales.

The Let There Be Beer segment on Sunday Brunch will highlight some of the most exciting taste sensations which, if carefully chosen, can elevate and enhance both the food and the taste of the beer, creating an enjoyable taste sensation.

Let There Be Beer

The ambition is to reignite the public’s love of beer and restore lagers, ales, bitters, pilsners and stouts firmly in the nation’s heart. The Channel 4 partnership will bring to life how vast the beer category is, demonstrating how it can provide complementary and contrasting experiences when paired with food.

Tim Lovejoy will also act as brand ambassador in a series of one minute ‘Beers of the week’ clips which will feature 30 local and internationally renowned beers. This additional content will run across social platforms and LetThereBeBeer.com, also created by Mindshare.


Alongside the Channel 4 partnership, LetThereBeBeer.com also launched on 11 August. The site will allow users to discover more about the heritage of beer and will include an interactive section titled ‘Beeropedia’, where users can learn about the best food and beer pairings. The Tim Lovejoy mini-series and ‘Beer of the week’ clips will also be available on LetThereBeBeer.com and YouTube as a series of webisodes.

Let There Be Beer now on Channel 4 with Tim Lovejoy

For the first Let There Be Beer mini-episode click here


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