Zero hours contracts: the case for the hospitality industry

Zero hours contracts the case for the hospitality industry

Hospitality consultancy, Solutions 4 Caterers, has responded to the plan by Business Secretary Vince Cable to review the use of zero hours contracts, after fears that workers are being treated unfairly.

Strong case for keeping zero hours contracts

Peter Flaxman, Director of Solutions 4 Caterers, says: “While it may seem to outsiders that zero hours contracts are unfair, and indeed they can make it difficult for employees to plan their financial affairs, there is a strong case for keeping them, particularly in the hospitality industry.

Incredibly useful

“The hospitality industry is seasonal, and impacted by factors such as the weather and local events, and for this reason it is necessary for staff to change in line with these fluctuations. This is where zero hours contracts are incredibly useful, and so they are used extensively to assist with this, although core employees are often salaried or have guaranteed hours.

Managing wages in line with fluctuating business

“By using zero hours contracts, it is possible for employers to manage wages in line with fluctuating business levels. What this means for businesses in the current economic climate is that they have a better chance of success, whilst also having the opportunity to create more jobs when needed.

“While it is of course vital that employees are treated fairly, it is worth remembering that employees on zero hours contracts do have the option to take up other types of employment offering more regular hours. Zero hours contracts can also help them to work around other commitments.

Potential negative impact on hospitality

“We hope that this review will not lead to the end of these contracts, as this would have a negative impact on the hospitality industry.”

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