Technology, Sustainability, and Health and Wellness Tourism are top hotel trends for 2013

A newly released report by Timetric identifies Technology, Sustainability, and Health and Wellness Tourism as top trends for 2013 after a worldwide survey of senior executives in hotels and hotel suppliers.

Global trends for the hotel industry showed environmental initiatives to be the most salient emerging trend in 2013. Technology followed, with social media and Health and Wellness gaining a fair amount of attention. The reigning ‘Environmentally-friendly’ trend, in conjunction with rising sustainable travel interests amongst tourists, continues to drive the reduction of environmental impact, and the promotion of sustainable business practices and green products and services offerings.

Eco-friendly cleaning products – a key sustainability measure for hotels in 2013

The use of eco-friendly cleaning products as well as an emphasis on locally sourced food and reduced environmental footprint are considered key sustainability measures by respondents.Low-flow water systems and the adoption of renewable energy for Asia-Pacific and energy-related staff education for global respondents, were identified as the key measures to be implemented in 2013. For senior level respondents, credentials and reputation surfaced as the key objectives with a focus on online presence.

Sustainable measures expected to translate into savings

According to Timetric’s report, 35% of respondent segments indicate that they may save less than 5% of total organizational expenditure over the next 12 months ensuing to the implementation of sustainability measures. The regional analysis of cost-saving targets reveals that 59% of respondents from companies primarily operating in Asia-Pacific expect to save 5–10% of their organizational expenditure.

Increased expenditure on technology and social media

Timetric’s report demonstrated that 35 % of luxury respondents expect expenditure increase to be 3–10%. Wi-Fi technology, online reservations, and high-speed internet access being the primary technological facilities provided to customers by luxury hotels. Correspondingly, flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi technology, and online reservation are the key technological facilities expected by customers in luxury hotels. In addition to technology, investment on social media and networking sites, mobile, and online portals are expected to increase substantially.

Growth of health and wellness tourism

65% of luxury hotels and 32% of other hotels expect health and wellness tourist volumes to grow in 2013. Respondents have already implemented items on their menus to meet the needs of health and wellness tourists. Gymnasiums and swimming pools are considered the key facilities offered by hotels, while free access to health and fitness facilities is a key complimentary facility.

Timetric’s report Global Hotel Industry Survey 2013: Emerging Trends in Technology, Sustainability, Health and Wellness Tourism

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